Iceland Adventures with Jesse Mendes

janvier 05, 2024 2 min read

It all came down once I got text from my cold water adventurist friend Dane Anderson, saying he was going on a trip with Hunter Jones to Iceland, asking if I wanted to join. It took me a minute to soak all it in, I guess the past 12 years on tour I’ve basically only been going to the same old trendy surfing destinations packed with people. At least for me, it was hard to think of Iceland as a surf destination, but it was exactly what I needed, get on the road with a few friends with not a SINGLE idea of what was ahead of me.

Iceland Landscape with Rainbow

So we packed up a few Body Glove 5/4’s, gloves, boots, went on a 10 day mystery trip to war dog land. Not gonna lie, it was pretty Grindy, the caravan was as big as a bento box lol, and we had to fill it up with a lots of surfing and camera gear, but at the end of the day we know it would work itself out. Different then me, Dane had most of the surfing spots pretty dialed, but even though, we were surfing where storms are formed overnight, almost impossible to predict, tiny freezing windows of surfing and lots, lots, lots of scenic driving.

Jesse Mendes unloading surfboard bag from top of van

It was all worth it once we found this empty giant stretch of beach, perfect barrels, with no one out , but…. about a mile away from the main road and probably 15-20 knee deep freezing water creeks to walk through… And yes, of course we got the car stuck and had to walk… but once we saw the first wave break from up close, all the driving and cold nights in a tiny van was worth it.

Jesse Mendes surfing Iceland with snow in the background

Nothing like trading barrels with 2 other friends and possibly a stretch of beach that no one has ever surfed. 10 days, 2.8 thousand kilometers driven, plenty of wind, most amazing gorgeous Lord of the rings scenics, and maybe about 5 surf sessions total. We put the Body Glove Gold Cells to the test and they passed with flying colors.

Jesse Mendes resting on an iceberg in Iceland

If you ask me, will I ever come back? No, of course not…. Nahhh just kidding, that was one of the most amazing surf trips I have ever experienced, nothing of the ordinary, but worth every corner we drove around.

Jesse Mendes walking in iceland with Gold Cell wetsuits on his surfboard

Jesse Mendes wearing a Body Glove Gold Cell Wetsuit in Iceland

Jesse Mendes standing in the middle of the road in Iceland


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