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Tatiana Weston-Webb: Road to the WSL Finals

September 10, 2021 1 min read

It's all come down to this! 5 surfers, 1 day of competition, 1 world title! To make it to the World Surf League Top 5 Final is a huge accomplishment in itself and bringing home the title will take another performance of a lifetime.

It's been an inspiring run for Tatiana. She set her mind and body on the path to a world title when the season began in December 2020. Her tenacity, competitive prowess, and pure surfing skill have earned her the #2 ranking in the world as she heads into Finals Day

Tati's Road to the Final Five

    Maui Pro at Pipeline: 3rd
    Newcastle Cup: 9th
    Narrabeen Classic: 2nd
    Margaret River Pro: 1st
    Rottnest Search: 17th
    Surfranch Pro: 3rd
    Corona Open Mexico: 3rd


    Join us in cheering on Tatiana Weston-Webb as she chases her world title dreams at Lower Trestles, September 9-17.

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