Flashback Friday: Gator Glass - Body Glove

Flashback Friday: Gator Glass

August 27, 2021 1 min read

Bob Soven:  This is Gator Glass
Bob Soven: This is Gator Glass


Harley Clifford:  Gators can't jump, but I can!
Harley Clifford: Gators can't jump, but I can!


Bob Soven:  What's lurking in the lily pads
Bob Soven:  What's lurking in the lily pads


Harley Clifford:  About to ride gator alley
Harley Clifford:  About to ride gator alley


Take a trip down a very sketchy memory lane with this week's Flashback Friday video: Gator Glass. While it may relatively easy to go wakeboarding on your hometown lake, sometimes it's fun to add a little adventure to make the experience that much more memorable. That's why we asked Bob Soven to take fellow Body Glove team wake team riders Harley Clifford and Rusty Malinoski somewhere "different."

Leave it to Bob Soven to pick one of the more "interesting" locations in Florida. Plans were made, schedules were set, and there was no turning back as the Body Glove team descended upon the sheet glass and alligator-infested dark waters of St. John's River.  Enjoy this "fun" video of the guys nervously throwing down major tricks on a perfect day at the alligator swamp.

Wakeboarders - Bob Soven, Harley Clifford, & Rusty Malinoski
Cinematographers - Greg Browning, Scott Smith
Editor - Scott Smith
Music - You Scream I Scream "She's All Gold"


Harley Clifford non-USCGA Comp VestHarley Clifford non-USCGA Comp Vest

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