DOB: 02/01/1997

Stance: Regular

Favorite riding spot: My home lake in Orlando because I’ve experienced so many great memories on one small body of water.


5x Wakeboarding Magazine’s Rider of the Year
4x World Champion
5x Masters Champion
4x WWA Overall Champion

Years wakeboarding:14 years

What creates your happiness? Being outside and doing any activity that connects with nature whether it’s going for a bike ride, surfing, going to the beach, or just being on the lake in the sun.

Sponsors:Body Glove, Red Bull, MasterCraft, Liquid Force, and Performance Ski and Surf of Orlando

Coolest place you've ever been:Lake Como, Italy

Perfect day: Waking up to a sunny day and going on the boat to ride on some glassy water.

Best advice I've received:Be where your feet are, which essential means to be present in every move that you make. It helps me enjoy life for what it is right now.

Bikini or one-piece? Bikini

Secret talent:I’m pretty good at cooking!

Hobbies outside surfing: Yoga all the time and snowboarding when I can!

Superhero: My grandmother is, and always will be, my super hero. She was the most patient and kindest person I knew and I strive to be like the strong woman she was all the time.



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