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Casey Kwiecinski
Casey Kwiecinski

DOB: 08/11/1994

Home Break:Bradley Beach, New Jersey


Favorite surf spot:Punta Roca, El Salvador

Years surfing:11

What creates your happiness?LIFE! Life in general makes me happy! The good, the bad, the big and small things! Every day is a chance to smile :)

Sponsors:Body Glove, Creatures of Leisure, Futures, AJW surfboards, Playa Bowls, Jones Bars, coffee surf co.

Coolest place you've ever been:Peru! It's such an amazing country and the waves are so fun! It is definitely my favorite place I have ever been and I can't wait to go back!

Perfect day: My perfect day would start nice and early! I'd go for a walk before the sun rises for coffee and then I'd check the waves. The tide would be too high so I'd go for a little jog, then make some breakfast before surfing. Then I would surf alllllll day with my sister! Make a good dinner and eat it outside in my backyard, go to bed and do it all again :)

Best advice I've received:The 24 hour rule! My mom always taught me when you have something negative to say to wait 24 hours and if you still care and want to say it then you can say it! (90% of the time you're over it and don't need to say it anymore).

Bikini or one-piece?Bikini!

Secret talent:I love running! I'm obsessed! My sister and I both love it almost as much as surfing.

Hobbies outside surfing:Running, riding bikes, going for walks, I guess just being active in general with friends!

Superhero: My parents :)




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