Favorite surf spot:11th st, Carmel, CA


2nd in the Ripcurl Pro Tofino. Always an accomplishment to release an edit and have it featured on

Years surfing:21

What creates your happiness?Waking up early in a cold location, throwing on a nice toasty 6 mil, and getting tubed all morning simply can’t be beat. Also stumbling upon empty perfect waves unexpectedly with just a few friends, that’s pretty dreamy!

Sponsors:Body Glove, Route One Surfboards, Speaqua, and On The Beach Surf Shop.

Coolest place you've ever been:Ireland, Scotland, Nova Scotia, and Tofino. Can’t pick one.

Best advice I've received:Positivity can be found in any situation.

Hobbies outside surfing:Basketball, hiking/camping with my girlfriend, fishing, training, and road tripping.

Heroes:Andy Irons, Jonny Craft, and my parents.