We are proud to welcome Conner Coffin, the Santa Barbara surfing powerhouse, to the Body Glove Family. Born and raised cutting his teeth at the famous point breaks of the golden state, Conner has blazed his own professional surfing path with homegrown inspiration from the greats before him like Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds, and three-time World Champion Tom Curren. While Conner’s 2019 career-high finish as the World No. 4 in the WSL Finals showed his competitive potential, with or without a jersey, his surfing style has solidified him as, hands down, one of the world’s greatest power surfers. Body Glove is proud to support Conner as he follows his passions that mirror that of our founders, Bill and Bob Meistrell - time on the water with family - fishing, diving, and surfing.

“I’m really fired up to be joining body glove, a company that was founded by two brothers that shared the same passions that I do today. I’m really looking forward to doing a ton of fun stuff together!” -Conner Coffin

DOB: July 13, 1993

Home Break: Rincon 

Stance: Regular

Favorite Surf Spot: J-Bay

Accomplishment: Final Five 2021 CT Season 

Years Surfing: 27

What creates your happiness? Friends, family, fishing, and surfing.

Sponsors: Body Glove, Monster, 805, Smith, Salty Crew, JS industries, Leus, Futures, Sex wax

Coolest Place You've Ever Been: Hard to beat Indo. 

Perfect Day: Catching a few fish and a few waves in the same day. 

Best Advice You've Received: Protect the Kelp. Not advice. Just voicing my latest mission to protect the kelp here. 

Secret Talent: Guess my guitar playing. 

Hobbies Outside Surfing: Fishing, Cooking, Gardening, Music, and believe it or not reading. 

Superhero: Wolverine. 

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