Body Glove: Ultimate Gift Guide 2023

diciembre 08, 2023 7 min read

The Ultimate Watersports Gift Guide 2023

Ultimate Watersports Gift Guide

Whether you are gifting the avid surfer, supporting the seasoned beach bum, or looking to get your kids their first wetsuit, our Body Glove Gift Guide is the perfect option to have everyone channeling their inner water baby. As the year comes to a close, we are bringing the ultimate wave of gift-giving favorites so you feel fully prepped and ready to gift like the surfer pro you are (or strive to be). That is why we have narrowed down some of our best sellers and newest items that should not be passed up this holiday season. From stocking stuffer must-haves to a kid's wetsuit that will handle any wave, beach necessities, and water-ready accessories, you are sure to find the perfect gifts for all the celebrations and every level of beach-goer.

Get ready to ride this wave of incredible gifts and find the perfect one for all those who appreciate an adventure! While you are taking a look at some of these coveted items, don’t forget to explore more that Body Glove has to offer. The most gnarly thing you can do this season is to make sure that while showing appreciation to others in your life, you don’t forget to gift something to yourself.

Toby Shield Sunglasses

Toby Shield Sunglasses

Stylish shades for the ultimate adventure. When the sun is out, you’ll want to slip these babies on. Our Toby Shield Sunglasses were designed to not only keep you looking cool but also protect the rays from your eyes. Shield your eyes and embrace the sun in style with these unique sunglasses that will be hard to ever take off. Bright orange and bold, these sunglasses are not just an accessory; they're a statement piece for any sunny day adventure and are the pop of color every outfit needs.. Look cool, stay cool! Our stylish sunglasses are the perfect solar-protecting complement to our collection of hats and visors along with rash guards featuring UPF 50+ Sun protection.

Seaside Waterproof Floatable Backpack

Body Glove Seaside Waterproof Backpack

It is time to push the limits and we know just the popular backpack that you need to see you through even the craziest of adventures. Whether you are hitting up the beach, facing some rough terrain while you climb mountains for waterfall views, or while you’re backpacking through the Sahara desert (hey, we did say some crazy adventures) this is the perfect backpack for you. This waterproof backpack will give you the comfort, durability, and room that you need to tackle anything that comes your way by holding all your essentials securely. With waterproof seams, a full-length top to keep belongings dry, mesh pockets, and adjustable straps, this performance backpack will be ready for all the elements…even the wettest ones. Whether you are rocking this bag with a wetsuit or carrying it on the daily, this will be your favorite backpack for years to come.

iPhone 14 PRO Tidal Waterproof Phone Case

Body Glove Waterproof Iphone Case

Ring! Ring! The ocean is calling. Head to the beach, stay connected, and never worry about your phone getting wet. Where do we sign up? Keep your mobile protected from the elements with our Body Glove Tidal Waterproof Phone Case. This stocking stuffer is the perfect gift option! Whether you are notorious for dropping, scratching, or waterboarding your phone, this case is custom-designed to fit your device… dare I say, just like a glove. It features a slim profile and lightweight construction so you can easily carry it wherever you go without the additional bulk. This 100% waterproof phone case is surf-ready. Take your phone into the water at depths of 6.6 ft underwater for up to 30 minutes. Who said you can’t swim with the fish? Not us. Tough and durable, this military-grade drop protection will have you throwing down your phone and ready for a game of beach volleyball. With its tightly-sealed technology, sand won’t be a problem either.

Gold Cell Wetsuits

Guy Jumping off Boat in a Body Glove Gold Cell Wetsuit.

Surf in warmth and classic style with the Gold Cell Wetsuits from Body Glove. Our men’s and women’s wetsuits were designed to keep you protected, comfortable, and ready for any wave. Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate comfort, these wetsuits are more than just gear – they're a statement. Available for both men and women, these wetsuits will have you riding the waves in style and will unleash your aquatic abilities in the coldest waters, comfortably. Not compromising in details, the Gold Cell is a wetsuit where supreme warmth and high performance come together in our broadest reach of fullsuit configurations and thicknesses. Bring the heat with these must-have wetsuits. Pair with our underwater accessories and find your perfect fit with our detailed Wetsuits Guide.

Phoenix 3/2MM Back-Zip Youth Fullsuit

Little kid surfing in a Body Glove Phoenix Wetsuit

When your kid is ready to surf some gnarly waves or are just dipping their toes into the surfing waters, keep them feeling secure, warm, and protected for any surf that comes their way. Our newest wetsuit, Boys' Phoenix 3/2mm Back-Zip Fullsuit, is going to deliver exactly what they need to feel like the ultimate surfer. With over 60 years of wetsuit innovation, this kids’ wetsuit combines maximum comfort and performance for a minimal cost. You won’t break the bank while still giving them the very best! This performance wetsuit features an adjustable fit collar, thermo-plush interior, seamless underarm paneling, and much more! This wetsuit for kids is no-nonsense and will have your child ready to face the watery depths of Mother Nature. Explore our kids' accessories to make their surfing journey even better.

2023 Performer 11 Inflatable Paddle Board

Family on Body Glove Paddle Boards in water

The ultimate adventure paddle board? That would be our Performer 11. The Performer inflatable paddle board is back with brand-new features that will have you doing some smooth sailig into 2024. We have designed the Performer 11 to have a new, removable fin, that allows for improved tracking with the added benefit of a board that packs down smaller. Head to the beach with ease when you are packing up one of our best-selling boards. With a brand-new Connect System, you can connect multiple boards and paddle out with friends so you can enjoy your day on the water with those you love the most! Ah, family and friends time. The thought brings a salt-water tear to our eyes. Whether you are new to the surf or you are a seasoned pro in the ocean, you’ll be able to explore with ease from shorelines to lakes and more! Ready, set, paddle.

Aire Free Breath Mask / Snorkel / Fins

Guy underwater with a Body Glove aire free breath mask snorkel fins

Dive into underwater paradise and breathe like you are on land! Explore the depths with the Aire Free Breath Mask, Snorkel, and Fins set. Designed for adults, this complete set ensures an immersive and hassle-free snorkeling experience. You’ll be able to safely explore the world beneath you while staying safe and secure with these underwater accessories. With durable construction engineered to make breathing and swimming even easier, you’ll feel equipped to snorkel with confidence and meet the ocean in awe. Tackle the waves, dive deep, breathe easy, and let the fins guide you through the wonders beneath the surface! Whether you are sporting a wetsuit or a bikini, this underwater set will have you feeling like a snorkel pro! Goodbye to snow-ridden hills and hello to snorkeling in the deep blue sea!

Paddle Pals - Kid's Learn to Swim Aid

4 kids jumping into pool with Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Vests

It is time for your tots to hit the beach and jump into the water with pure confidence. Whether they are splashing, jumping, or diving into the water, now is the perfect time to introduce your young water enthusiasts to the wonders of the sea with the Paddle Pal. This adorable octopus-themed swim vest is not only a safety essential but also a delightful companion for aquatic play. Durable, comfortable, and most importantly, secure, your little one will become quite the fishy when they slip this must-have life vest on. Looking to see some details on how to choose the perfect vest? Check out our Life Vest Guide where we dive into safety and fun together! Discover this and all of our other Paddle Pal options for the most safe day at the beach. Guaranteed.

Aruba Water Shoe

women's body glove aruba water shoes on a dock

Step into paradise with the Aruba Water Shoe, designed to make anyone feel like they can conquer land and sea! Whether you are looking for something easy to slip on or trying to find your go-to sandal for your pool and beach days, this is the perfect option! These sandals are not just footwear; they're a fashion-forward choice for your beachside escapades. Featuring a soft contoured footbed and vegan leather upper, these are the lightweight cushioned sandals you’ll be sliding into everywhere. Comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any water adventure. Enter the sands and the waters in style and slip on this popular sandal for any moment. Want to see more? Explore our other women’s stylish sandals to add even more beach-ready footwear to your collection!

Rider Hoodie

guy on a boat wearing a body glove Rider hooded sweatshirt

Cozy up in coastal comfort! From chilly morning surfs to beach bonfire nights, our Rider Hoodie will never disappoint in both comfort and warmth. We are inviting you to embrace the coastal vibes with this popular hoodie that will keep you stylish with high-quality materials and fashionable design. Whether you're warming up after hitting the waves or strolling on the beach, this coal-colored hoodie is the perfect blend of just what you need to stay both comfortable, warm, and fashionable. Let the ocean be your inspiration! Snuggle up with the Rider Hoodie and don’t forget to explore our other hoodies and versatile pants to create the ultimate gifted outfit!

Body Glove is the original California brand for all things surf and water. From under the tree to the beach, these water-ready items will have you, your friends, and your family feeling all the love this season. Dive into gifts that not only look great but also can be put to use and provide a memorable experience for years to come. Love all these gift ideas but want to give them the chance to choose? Gift the gift of choice with one of our Gift Cards that are sure to be the ultimate stocking stuffer. From our ocean to yours, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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