Tatiana Weston-Webb: 2022 Corona Open J-Bay Champion

July 21, 2022 2 min read

In hefty, very challenging J-Bay conditions Tati West proved once again why she is a World Title contender. Stop number 9 of the world surfing league headed to Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa — known to many as the best right hand point break in the world. And it surely lived up to the hype over the last three days and so did our very own Tati West. She surfed her way to a dominating victory with huge turns and a fearless approach. Tati put up excellent scores in almost every round on the way to taking the win with an impressive 17.50 final heat total over runner-up, Tyler Wright.

This win was important for Tati’s campaign to qualify for the Final Five.The Final Five is essentially the Superbowl of surfing—it’s a one-day event at Lower Trestles where the 2022 world champion of surfing will be crowned. Tati is now sitting comfortably in 3rd place. Ready to make another run at the world title.

We still have one stop left in the regular season as the tour heads to Tahiti before the Final Five. We are sure that Tati is looking to keep the momentum rolling and we are going to be in her corner all the way. If you want to join our cheer squad, you can follow along on our social channels as Tati attempts to take home her first world title. Trust us—you’ll want to be there.

Help us support and cheer on Tati by rocking one of her signature swimwear styles or her favorite post heat bucket hat.


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