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Coming in 2018 – Our First Inflatable Kayak

July 21, 2018 1 min read

Inflatable Kayak

It’s coming! Body Glove is excited about the all new Glide 11 inflatable kayak, a high-performance, convenience-focused complete paddling package. Designed by Body Glove Product Development Guru Luke Hopkins, himself a former champion kayaker, the Glide 11 is an incredibly light and fast kayak, with a highly stable, durable platform.

“We created the Glide 11 to make kayaking more accessible and fun. Every component and feature of this watercraft helps the paddler to better focus on the experience, rather than the hassle and logistics of lugging a 60 LB kayak around. Not only is it practical, but it’s incredibly enjoyable to paddle,” explains Hopkins.

Built with triple layer construction and double-layered side rails, this lightweight kayak measures 11 feet long, 32 inches wide and is 6 inches thick. The Glide 11 has an impressive max weight of 350 LBS, great for bringing along kids or pets.

Glide 11 features

  • Rigid yet comfortable high back seat
  • Patented multi-purpose handle that allows for easy water bottle access
  • Innovative 4-piece adjustable kayak paddle
  • 2 sets of durable, comfortable foot braces
  • 2 permanent, unbreakable Dura-Fins for superior tracking
  • Front and rear cargo bungees
  • Reinforced nose bumper
  • Includes ankle leash, dual-action hand pump, durable backpack

Inflatable Kayak

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