You Name It-You Own It Contest. New Lines Have Been Drawn

The contest entry period is now over. Thank you for your over 1000 submissions. We are going through the entries to find the nuggets and we will announce it on October 8th 2010. Body Glove has gone back to the lab and drawn upon its 50+ years of wetsuit manufacturing wisdom and created what will be the best fullsuit wetsuit you have ever owned and we want YOU to NAME IT. To check out some top secret product photos for some inspiration please check out the You Name It You Own Photo Album the Body Glove Facebook Page. The winner and winning name will be announced on our Facebook Page and Twitter on October 8th 2010. You Name It and You Own It. Complete and Official You Name It You Own It Rules.

You Name It

The True Story

The true story is that since Body Glove released the state of the art Vapor Wetsuit many have attempted and failed to create a wetsuit with the perfect blend of quality and performance.... Until NOW! Body Glove has taken over 50 years of experience in wetsuit design, materials and technology to introduce the newest, most advanced wetsuit available today and we are excited to share our development journey with you.

We spent the last three years rigorously researching and developing new materials and wetsuit pattern shapes. Our intense thirst for performance produced and almost endless array of material combinations, which we analyzed and tested until we discovered a combination that surpassed all existing wetsuit material combinations currently being offered. Our product developers and team athletes like Alex Gray and Mike Losness put these materials to the test and allowed us to develop the best wetsuit pattern, kneepads and zip entry design ever. With this revolutionary blend of materials and advanced product testing we have created the warmest, most flexible suit available. Expect nothing less… Body Glove has REDEFINED REVOLUTIONARY with this new wetsuit

“Limited Edition” pre-release quantities of 150 suits have been produced for a few select retail stores. Body Glove designed what you've been asking for and now we need your help to give this breakthrough wetsuit name. Fill out the form above and get involved. Winners will be announced and the new wetsuit names will be revealed to the public in October on Body Glove's Facebook Page and Twitter.

Top Secret New Features

These new features are so new that we don't even have cool marketing names for them yet

  • New External Liquid Tape: 100% with external fluidseal seams and liquid tape that is designed specifically for today’s advanced-stretch materials.
  • Redefined Slant Zip Design: This pattern is designed to eliminate the two layers of neoprene over the right shoulder. This design provides more stretch and freedom of motion.
  • Enhanced Kneepad Design: Our perfectly shaped, newly designed kneepads allow for increased flexibility and added comfort, not to mention their durability and protection is nearly bulletproof.
  • New Logos: You can't have a new wetsuit without a new logo treatment.
  • Limited Edition Sequencing: You will know that your wetsuit is number 10 or 99 out of 150
  • Revolutionary Blend of Materials: This will feel like nothing you have ever felt before. Warmer and more flexible.