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Maria Del Mar

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Maria’s Profile

María del Mar González was born June 15, 1985 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her father is a fisherman who decided to put her name, which means Maria from the Sea. Maria Del Mar started to compete in surfing at 15 years old winning Women Junior division in Puerto Rico and one year later winning the Open Women division of Puerto Rico. At 16 years old, she went to her first competition overseas, the World Juniors Championships in Australia.

In 2010 Body Glove invited Maria to Fiji to film the Drop Zone Fiji, where five surfers were invited to surf and dive. In September of 2011 she organized her first Body Glove Women’s contest where 54 girls came to participate. Today, her goal is to keep surfing, modeling, training and traveling, while helping other girls enjoy surfing as well by making events for them.