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Jeff’s Profile

Celebrating his fourteenth year in the Body Glove family, Jeff McKee is one of the most stylish riders the sport has ever seen. With clever antics and everlasting comedic relief, he will always be one of Body Glove’s favorite personalities in wakeboarding. Jeff embodies the motto, “Do what you love. Love what you do.”

Jeff also holds the position of Team Rider/Wake Brand Manager for Slingshot Sports (, a progressive board manufacturer known for popularizing flex construction into wakeboard design. In 2013, Jeff and his wife welcomed a beautiful set of twins into the world and this proud, new father also released a banging video section titled, “Decade 1.6.” This current shred reel includes retrospect on his illustrious career throughout his 16 years of wakeboarding.

If you weren’t a wakeboarder, would you be a drummer on tour in a band?
Yes, most definitely. Traveling, seeing the world and meeting new people is one of the greatest experiences life has to offer. I’ve played drums for years and been a part of a few different bands. I’ve always been too busy with riding to actually “tour” with the band, but it’s on the bucket list for sure. Check out for some jams.

What’s the key to pulling such a stylish method off the wake?
You gotta really give it the hiyaya. A good hard mule kick with the back foot while grabbing and pulling helps you look legit and is also great for re-aligning your spine.

How would you explain your diaper changing technique?
Fast and furious. Two diapers, two babies and two hands are a must. Plus, you need a hands free headset, so you can do it in the middle of a conference call about next year’s product design. I’ve mastered multitasking, no doubt.

Do you think some pro wakeboarders are taking things too seriously these days?
No. To make it these days, you have to be taking shit seriously. Obviously it’s got to be fun, but it’s no longer a sit back, relax, and collect the cash scenario. If you want to stay on top, you have to push it everyday and scare yourself on the regular.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen Bob Soven do?
One of the first times I went to ride with him at his parents place on Lake Brantley, I showed up to the sight of him in Rollerblades and a vest at the beginning of the dock. His brother Phil passed him the wakeboard handle as they bickered back and forth, and then Phil hopped on the PWC. At the end of the dock was the worlds smallest kids plastic scooter ramp and Bob went full speed ahead and launched about zero feet high and 30 feet far off the end of the dock.

What is your wakesurfing go-to combo move to really wow an audience?
Hang five, dip into the stand up barrel and then move on to extreme aerials. Surfing has nothing on us. When’s the last time you surfed a 15 minute right at the beach (laughter)?

Is it true that your tandem skydive guide fell asleep during the plane ride up (while attached to you) when you were in Australia filming for “Slick City?”
Yes. His name was Mutzi from Hungary. I couldn’t understand a word of his instructions but the other divers assured me it was a piece of cake and not to worry about the language barrier. Then he snoozed on the way up before I decided he was still completely capable of getting me back to earth safely. I wonder if Mutzi is still jumping?

Plans for 2014:
I’ll be putting together several road trips as we will begin compiling footage for the next Slingshot team video, as well as an RV trip across Europe to engulf ourselves in the booming cable scene over there. I’ll be shooting with filmmaker Patrick Wieland throughout, and hopefully will be checking some of these new moves off my list I’ve created for 2014!