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Balzer’s Profile

There’s never a dull moment with this Canadian waterman, and the 2013 season was no exception. After recently welcoming his second son into the family, Balzer was on a mission at wakeskating contests, landing on the podium at six out of seven boat events he entered. The finale to his season and highlight of his career was winning the Tigé Boats My Wake Global Challenge in November, where the top pros were judged on a cumulative score of their riding over two days.

What is the last weird thing you ate?

A beet popsicle. I tried it three times and every time I got sick. Ask Bob [Soven]. It was horrible.


What is the best way to piss off Rusty [Malinoski]?

Leave a mess around his house. He will go nuts.


If you starred in a music video, what song would it be?

Probably “Chattahoochee” by Alan Jackson. Riding behind the boat in jean shorts and a cowboy hat is right up my alley.


Craziest part about being a dad:

Getting to see my boys grow up everyday and seeing how much they look and act like Candace and I.


Did Bob really come up to Canada to visit you during Thanksgiving? How was that?

Yep, I guess a change of weather and a little time in cold water was just what Bob needed to make him thankful for all those warm Florida winters. It was so much fun having him up with my family. He’s an honorary Balzer in my eyes.


Is it true you did hot laps around a Philippine cable park wearing just a pair of Nike’s? Literally… just your shoes?

True story. It’s all on video but the footage will never be released. It’s also true the cable broke right before I was about to jump in the water so I was stuck standing naked on the dock for 20 minutes.


Plans for 2014:

I’m going to be up in Canada until the spring, riding up here at Valley Wake Park. Then it’s back to Florida to get ready for all the events and stuff. I’m also going to put together some web videos. There’s a lot of good spots up here and things I want to get on film.