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Some say he is the best wakeboarder to ever strap on a pair of boots, but if you ask Harley Clifford, he’ll tell you he’s just getting started. This 20-year-old phenom from Australia’s Gold Coast is a two-time King Of Wake series champion as well as a two-time World Champion. Since he started competing against the pros at age 14, he has won over 25 major pro events.
Don’t let his contest status fool you, Harley is also known for his banging video parts and is respected for his freeriding style. Another thing that surprises people is how approachable he is – Harley is a true ambassador who understands that wakeboarding is all about having fun, not attitude. In 2014, his plan is pretty simple, “I just want to have fun, wakeboard, film some good parts and win all the contests. I’d also like to invent some new tricks and teach as many people to wakeboard as possible.”

Is it true your Dad is such a big Harley-Davidson fan that he named you after a motorcycle company?
(laughter) No, but he does own a Harley-Davidson. When I was younger, I bought a PWC and I let him go for a ride on it. And the next day, he sold his Harley, bought a PWC, shaved off his beard and started wearing wetsuit booties.

If you weren’t a wakeboarder, what would you be?
I have no idea. I was always meant to be a wakeboarder.
Would you rather eat a crocodile or a kangaroo?
Kangaroo is delicious. It’s actually a normal thing to eat that in Australia. I feel like eating crocodile is bad luck. I would way rather get attacked by a kangaroo then a crocodile.
Who is the oldest woman that has ever hit on you?
Bob Soven’s grandma. I actually kissed her in one of the episodes of WakeBrothers on MTV. I think she is like 80.

If you could only do one trick for the rest of time, which trick would it be?
An air Raley or a double flip. Everyone seems to only care about those tricks and are easily impressed with them.

What’s the craziest time you’ve had with the Body Glove crew?
There are so many stories I could tell right now, but I probably shouldn’t tell the public (laughter). But it is always so much fun to hang out with everyone. It would have to be the most fun team ever with Bob [Soven], Rusty [Malinoski], [James] Balzer and Jeff [McKee]. Back in the day, one of my best memories was with Bob on my first houseboat trip to BROstock. I was probably about 14 and he was 16. And that’s about all I can say (laughter).

Do you prefer zombies or vampires?
I love The Walking Dead, so probably Zombies. I watch all those vampire shows.

Who is your favorite Instagram user to follow?
@billymeistrell posts some pretty good stuff!

Do you feel like you are the best wakeboarder in the world?
No. Not really. There is still so much I want to accomplish!