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Bob’s Profile

“A lot has changed with Bob’s riding and approach to the industry over the last couple years. He’s just as funny, but he’s got a lot more focus – and more than anything it is obvious just how much he cares. These days Bob’s riding isn’t just among the best, it is among the most unique, and he is successfully working every day to be known as one of the sport’s elite all-around riders and biggest ambassadors. He is still a loose cannon, but this time only in terms of when it will fire, rather than where. Our suggestion is to keep watching, because you’re not going to want to miss the show when it does. Suffice it to say, the answer with Bob is the same as it always has been: expect the unexpected.” — Garrett  Cortese of Alliance WAKEBOARD Magazine

Interview by Body Glove:


BG: Do people really mistake you for Shaun White?

Bob: Yeah, for every two correct identifications I get a Shaun white ID.


What’s the last movie you cried during?

October Sky, Jake G’s only good movie.


What does Alliance  ”Rider Of The Year” mean to you?

Rider of the Year is definitely the top honor I’ve received in my wakeboard career. To me, it just means that I must be doing something right.


What are some other waterman activities you partake in?

I pretty much enjoy anything that has to do with the water, I’m always trying to improve my surfing and diving skills but it’s a slow process (laughter).


What is your ideal occupation in the future?

I ask myself this question everyday. I really wish I knew.


What were the best and worst things about being a star on MTV?

Best: Checking something off the list of things to do in a lifetime.

Worst: Filming a reality TV show.


Tell us about spending last Thanksgiving with the Balzer family.

Thanksgiving with the Balzer’s… (laughter). It was a good time! We surfed, swam, rode horses, rode bikes, and enjoyed British Colombia to the fullest.


Why are cable parks blowing up like crazy?

They are blowing up for two reasons, one there are a ton of fun everybody and second because they are easily accessible and affordable if you have one close by.


What’s your fondest memory as Body Glove rider?

My fondest memory as a BG team rider is when we all went to Fiji on the way home from Australia while filming Slick City. It is still by far the best trip I’ve ever had.