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Anthony Walsh

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Anthony’s Profile

Quite possibly the most under rated barrel rider in the world, Anthony Walsh is starting to become a household name when talking tubes.  Having a stellar year in 2013, Anthony scored two covers, won the overall performance award in the north shore “wave of the winter” comp, and had an epic showing in Body Glove’s “Live from the Moon” surf film.  The hard charging Aussie is primed and ready to go bigger, pull in deeper, and wreck shop on dance floors around the world in 2014.

What is the last weird thing you ate?

Pigs blood.




What is the best way to piss off Jamie O’Brien?

If you really wanna make JOB angry try scooping a chick from him.  Good luck with that.



If you starred in a music video, what song would it be?

The thong song.


Favorite Body Glove trip you’ve ever been on:

Ireland for the “Live from the Moon” trip.  We scored amazing waves and had an epic time all around.




What does it mean to you to be a father?

Being a father means everything to me. My son Damian drives me everyday to do better and work harder.




We heard you have an interesting method of taking tequila shots?  Do tell.


I hate Tequila only way I can take it is to do snort salt squeeze lemon or lime in the eye then take the shot. It doesn’t taste so bad after that.


Plans for 2014:

I plan on getting nuts with my GoPro and doing a lot of trips just to shoot GoPro both video and photos.  I got some new angles I have been working on and some spots I want to go to, its going to be another fun year!