Body Glove SUP Lineup

  • Thrust


    The Thrust is our performance wave surfing board. That said, just because a board is performing does not mean it needs to be hard to handle, and we've done everything to make this exciting board stable and easy to paddle out through the surf and onto the waves. With amazing glide, it accelerates effortlessly out through even the most demanding conditions and sets you up for every wave in an instant. The Thrust's real strength is on the wave. Fast, loose and exciting, it drives across the face with blinding speed and slashes through the turns with grace and precision. So if surfing is your thing, this is your board.

    Dimensions: 10’ 5” x 30” x 4” - 169 ltr

  • MacGyver


    Can one board really do it all? No one thought this was even possible before we developed the MacGyver. We've synthesized a classic cruising/racing style nose with a graceful sweeping surfing style tail. The result is a board that is fast and efficient to paddle on lakes and rivers, or outside the surf zone. Displacing the water efficiently with the keeled bow, it requires far less effort to paddle long distances. If the fancy ever grabs you to take this board into the surf zone while you're out paddling, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. The rounded tail and swept release rocker allow this board to cruise smoothly down the line on waves of any size. If you only want one board, but consider everything SUP your style, this is your board.

    Dimensions: 12’ x 29” x 4 7/8” - 253

  • Vesper


    If you're looking for an all around board that can do everything, from cruising outside the break for leisurely paddles, to surfing the waves inside, this is your board. While the focus is certainly on wave surfing, the stability and ease with which this board paddles has made it a favorite for those looking for one board that can be used just about anywhere. The length and width make the Vesper a dream to paddle out through the rolling surf, and get you into position for your surf in. The classic "longboard" outline glides easily and smoothly on the wave face, and everything from bottom-to-top turning to nose riding is possible. If mixing it up is your thing, then the Vesper will deliver.

    Dimensions: 11’ 6” x 31” x 4 3/4” - 225 ltr

  • Cruiser


    The stock class of SUP racing is 12'6" and this board was designed to be both fun and competitive in races. We realize of course that most people will use the Cruiser for fitness training or leisurely lake paddles, and so we've made the board easy and forgiving to paddle while keeping all the speed we can in the design so it's fun to paddle. And when you get on this you'll feel every bit of its speed as it cuts effortlessly through the water, gliding on its own between each stroke. This is what makes the Cruiser a great race board, and an even better fitness and recreational paddler.

    Dimensions: 12’ 6” x 30” x 8 5/8” - 257 ltr

  • Wave


    The Wave is a fun and easy to use paddleboard that’s suited for all conditions, from surf to leisurely afternoon paddles. It is stable and will inspire confidence from your first strokes all the way to catching your first wave. It’s made from almost indestructible plastic, so it can take loads of abuse. This makes it ideal as the board to have on you boat, in the yard by the lake, or for your rental operation. Easy to lock through the end handle, easy to carry using the side handles, easy to stack and store and easy to paddle. That’s a lot of ease…and that’s a lot of fun.

    Dimensions: 12’ x 33” x 8”
    Surfer Max Weight: 280 lbs
    Weight: 46 lbs

  • Glider


    Go anywhere, do anything! The Body Glove Glider is the ultimate paddleboard for those looking for a versatile board. It’s made from a plastic indestructible hollow hull. For use as a fishing, snorkeling and diving platform, or even for exploratory paddles, the Glider will take you there.

    Dimensions: 11’ x 35” x 8”
    Surfer Max Weight: 300 lbs
    Weight: 55 lbs

  • Rocket


    We have designed a board that is optimized for use on flatwater and on open ocean; the area where most people will paddle. This board is very fast for its short length and yet has great stability, so you can easily paddle long distances, whether it’s for your afternoon workout or to go hang with the seals miles from shore. Neat features include the clip on seat and heel support, to the simple under-foot steering system which allows for easy navigation and cross wind tracking. Made from a hollow indestructible plastic material the Rocket will withstand years of adventure and abuse.

    Dimensions: 11’ x 30” x 8”
    Surfer Max Weight: 250 lbs
    Weight: 49 lbs

  • Rocket


    The Vector is our answer to the “stock class” race board. This is for users who want to be able to race at local events and be competitive, but are looking for so much more out of their board than a simple racer. With a hull shape and entry line that’s shaped to be as fast and efficient as possible and a center section that offers the maximum possible stability for it’s width, the Vector will fly across the waters surface effortlessly, while still allowing you the ease you need for paddling in diverse conditions.

    Dimensions: 12’ 6” x 30” x 8”
    Surfer Max Weight: 250 lbs
    Weight: 49 lbs

Body Glove Stand Up Paddleboards

Body Glove is stoked to announce the launch of the Body Glove Stand Up Paddleboards. As the Ultimate Watersports Brand we want people to enjoy the ocean, lake or river in as many ways as possible. The Body Glove SUP is the perfect way to enjoy the water in a new and fun way. Our line of SUPs are designed with the unique experience in the waves or on the lake and river in mind.

For more information and for retailers in your area please contact the Body Glove SUP Division

1001 Calle Negocio, Suite A
San Clemente, CA 92673-6206

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