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Comfort Memory Insoles


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When you're young, the padding on your feet sufficiently helps your ankles and legs absorb the impact of running, jumping and playing in the yard, park or at school. But with age, that padding isn't what it used to be. As adults, staying healthy, lean and in shape means finding an exercise or sport that you enjoy whether it's in a gym and/or outdoors. When you walk fast, jog, run, jump, bike or skate; you're constantly putting an enormous amount of pressure on joints to handle your weight and intensity.


If your job or after work activities require you to be on your feet, don't wait until you feel pain in the arch, suffer from plantar fasciitis, or for the muscles on the outside of your foot and ankle flare up from being overworked. If that happens, then recognize those as excellent indicators that your feet are asking for relief from aches and pains.

Just starting a new stand up all day kind of job, getting back to the gym or joining a sports team? While shopping for suitable clothing and shoes, add a couple pair of Body Glove Inserts. Why buy a couple pair? Because we're convinced that you'll want to put these inserts in all of your closed toe shoes. There's nothing like ending a day of work or a physical training session with feet that are already relaxed, soothed and as comfortable in shoes as out of them.


#1: Air Them. Remove insoles regularly to allow any moisture trapped between the insole and shoe to dry out.

#2: Wash Them. When needed (you'll definitely know when) wash your Body Glove Insoles by hand with a mild or sports detergent and air dry completely before re-inserting.

#3: Inspect Them. Periodically remove and inspect insoles for any signs of deterioration from wear and tear, then replace them as needed.

Invest In Your Feet's Well Being Today with Body Glove Inserts.

Size Chart


A - 3-6.5

B - 7-8.5

C - 9-10.5

D - 11-12.5


B - 5-6.5

C - 7-8.5

D - 9-10.5

E - 11-12.5

F - 13-15