Slick City

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The Tiki Shack’s got nothing on Slick City! Body Glove’s first full-length team wakeboarding video Slick City will be out early 2009.

Body Glove took our top pro riders: Rusty Malinoski, Jeff McKee, Bob Soven, Shelby Kantar, James Balzer, Daniel Doud, Harley Clifford, and Aaron Aubrey back out to Parker, AZ, on houseboats then to their home towns.

We head back to the Tiki Shack for the usual desert shots, but this time with a twist. Check out the guys as they get their tool belts on and try to jimmy rig a moving system for the 30 ft. rail they built. Body Glove then heads out to their home towns to check out what it is really like to ride with Rusty, Soven, Balzer, and their friends. Next we throw them all onto a houseboat and see who gets off.

Slick City is going to show you how the pros train for the big contests, how they ride in their own backyard and who really likes whom. Check out what it’s like to be a pro rider and how they make it on the road for weeks on end. And we’ll answer those eternal questions, what is it that makes Rusty so great? Why are there so many turtles in Slick City?

  • Bob Soven

    Bob Soven

  • Daniel Doud

    Daniel Doud

  • Jeff McKee

    Jeff McKee

  • Rusty James

    Rusty and James

  • Rusty Malinoski

    Rusty Malinoski

  • Shelby Kantar

    Shelby Kantar

  • Clown


  • Superman


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