Mechanic Style Full Finger Gloves

Ergonomically designed to provide a safe, secure grip and reduce hand fatigue. Curved sidewalls and inset thumb tailoring mimic anatomy of the hand, and allow hands to maintain comfortable positions at work or at rest. Design minimizes blousing at palm and over thumb saddle when gripping tools.

Four-point fingertip construction reduces fabric bulk and wear on glove while maintaining dexterity. Extended streamline smooth cuff reduces risk of snagging or catching on workplace hazards.

Fingers, sidewalls and top of palm are top grain drum-dyed leather. Reinforced knuckle protection. Palm heel protects hand and arm from force generated by pneumatic tools with shock and impact damping Gelpact® pad covered in durable Kevlar®. Exclusive Tradewinds® breathable neoprene fabric forms glove topside for comfort in warm working conditions. Top of glove features a catch pocket to hold small items.

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