Accupressure Back Support

The Iowa Spine Research Center at The University of Iowa and patent co-applicant Chase Ergonomics, Inc. of Albuquerque, New Mexico have collaborated on the development of the ACCUPRESSURE® Back Support.

This design incorporates new knowledge of how the body reacts to sudden loading caused by unexpected events (accidents). During such events, back muscles can over-contract by as much as 70%.

This over-contraction is often the hazard that triggers back injury. Accupressure reduces this excess exertion by up to 46%. In addition, the Iowa studies document less fatigue in subjects wearing the Accupressure.

Spring steel boning stays help keep lower back from twisting and "overbending," in proper position for lifting.

Constructed of Tradewinds�, our exclusive breathable neoprene, for cool comfort under clothing or in hot or humid weather.

FOR PROPER FIT: Measure around hips 1" below navel.

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