459 Series Body Glove Bio™ Safety Glasses


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Body Glove Bio’s new glasses are created with modified polycarbonate that, when buried in a landfill, will attract microbes to speed up the breakdown of the plastic.  Ongoing tests show 12.4% biodegradation in the first 165 days of testing to ASTM D5511, which simulates biologically-active landfills.*

In a small fraction of the amount of time it would take non-treated plastics to degrade, our plastic will turn into stable humus (which balances soil pH and helps keep soils aerated) and methane (in anaerobic) or carbon dioxide (in aerobic conditions).

Stylish, ANSI Z87.1-2010 compliant 459 Series glasses are designed to meet your corporate and personal environmental goals.

Sporty sculpted frames are semi-rimless.

Softer temple ends and nose pads gently grip for secure, comfortable fit. Glasses are packaged in a cornstarch-based pouch.

• ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Impact Rated

• 99% UVA and UVB protection

• Eyewear starts to biodegrade only after it’s buried in a landfill. 

* Actual biodegradation rates vary in landfills according to moisture level. Present tests at ~45% solids are representative of landfills in wetter areas such as the Pacific Northwest and Southeaster US.

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