3/2 Matrix Fullsuit


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Future Flex: Super soft, super flexible, velcro resistant material.

Floodgate: Interior zipper panel. Prevents unwanted flushing.

Vaporlock: Triple glued blindstitched seams.

Fluidseal: 100% sealed seams. Liquid tape that stretches.

Thermofiber: Heat reflective hollowfiber ceramic panels on chest.

D-Span: Elastic printing on wrists and ankles. Limits water entry.

Clinch Zip: Zipper with offset teeth. Decreases water penetration.

Superflex: Stretch kneepad providing performance and durability.

Anatomic: Pre bent design to fit natural curves of body.

Short Zip: 25% shorter zipper offers increased flexibility.

Fairskin: Panel located on chest.

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