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Healthy Energy

How to Avoid the “Empty Buzz”

By Dr. Portman

Most Americans jump start their day with a cup of coffee. Caffeine use, however, isn’t just limited to getting us awake. Increasingly, individuals who exercise, do cross fit, surf or play soccer incorporate caffeine into their sport regimen. The benefits of caffeine were first reported over 40 years ago when researchers showed that caffeine could improve endurance performance.

The “Empty Buzz”
In spite of the fact that we know caffeine works, many athletes may not be getting its full benefits. It’s what I term the “empty buzz”. Athletes feel more alert when they consume caffeine, but it may not be having any effect on endurance.

We now know that optimal improvements in exercise performance are seen when caffeine is consumed with carbohydrate. Think of caffeine as a catalyst. Although it has a mild effect on exercise performance when consumed by itself, it can have a very significant effect when consumed in conjunction with protein and carbohydrate. The reason is that caffeine is not a source of energy, it does not provide the fuel your brain and muscles need to work optimally. What caffeine can do is enable your muscles and brain to use energy more efficiently, as much as 35%. This turbo charging of the energy process translates into extended endurance and overall improvements in sports performance.

Caffeine Synergy
Recently, researchers at Montana State University reported on the synergy between caffeine, protein and carbohydrate. They compared the leading caffeine shot (5-hour Energy®) to a caffeine/ carbohydrate/ protein shot (Body Glove SURGE®. The scientists evaluated reaction time and endurance. Compared to the caffeine shot, the combination energy shot significantly increased endurance and reaction time, and individuals taking the combination product felt less fatigued during the exercise trial. In fact, 77% of the subjects consuming the combination energy product had an improvement in endurance of 8% or more. That is a very remarkable figure.

The bottom line, if you are just looking for a caffeine buzz you can use one of the caffeine shots like 5-hour Energy But, if you are looking for a caffeinated buzz that also translates into greater endurance, less fatigue and faster reaction times, then use a combination energy product such as all-natural Body Glove SURGE. In other words, go for the endurance buzz, not the empty buzz.