Croakies are easily adjustable and fit regular size eyewear frames, and XL Croakis fit larger bulky frames. Screen printed in two crisp inks. Available in XL sizes that fit bulky frames.

14” long (each side) & 1/2” wide
Croakies – 16″ long by 3/4″ wide
XL Croakies – 16″ long by 1″ wide
2″ of adjustment
high quality neoprene
colorfast and washable
Made in the USA

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Arc Endless

Water Shoes

The same great ARC System features combined with the cable adjustment technology of our Endless System, to make the most highly adjustable eyewear retainer on the market. It’s a cinch to adjust, and has a modest profile with a refined technical look.

BODY GLOVE® black bead
black or silver cable
adjustable cable lengths
14, 16 & 18 inch size cables
2 Pair of XL/XXL Ends
re-attachable plug n’ play ends
Micro End option
Float Kit option

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Artisan Belts

Body Glove Wetsuit

Body Glove® surfing inspired prints on Artisan 2 Belts.

Fits any waist up to 42 inches
comfortable, sporty and simplified
Artisan, Military, Horn & D-ring Buckles
1 – 1/2 in. printed polyester webbing
can be trimmed to correct waist size
Designed & Assembled in U.S.A.
NOTE: Belts are individually handcrafted, and ship 5 business days from order date.

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Shade Dock

Hiking Shoes

The BODY GLOVE® Shade Dock by CROAKIES® is a sleek and slim sunglass clip, that can attach to both visors and vents. This convenient clip, keeps your glasses accessible and safe while driving.

2 3/8” long by 1 5/8” wide
simple one handed operation
virtually unbreakable, no moving parts to break
mounts to visor
mounts to vent, with vent clip attachment
rotate 360 degrees in 90 degree steps with vent clip
Made in the USA

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Optical Kit

Reflex Wetsuit

2” wide by 3 3/4” long by 1 1/8” deep
Lens Cleaner: 30 ml
Micro Cloth: 6” by 5.5”
compact and sleek, ABS plastic body
soft micro fiber cloth
kit stores cleaner, cloth, and Universal Repair Tool
available with or without Universal Repair Tool
in black only

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Reflex Wetsuit

Croakies® Ultra Lanyards are made from durable hardware with adjustable webbing length, and feature colorful and detailed Body Glove® graphics on webbing.

23″ long (each side) x 1″ wide
Soft woven polyester
Adjustable webbing length
Detailed prints
Stamped molded rubber
Swivel Nickel J-Hook
Colorfast and Washable

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