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Outdoors, water sports, home and garden, travel, marine, sports and pets. The fabric we use to manufacture our product is as unique as how we produce them. It is a natural and environmentally-friendly fabric (made from recycled wood fibers) called viscose and in this progressive time of functional fabrics, we like to think of it as a fabric for the new millennium.

Viscose absorbs up to 10 times its weight in liquid and yet still releases over 92% of all moisture when it is wrung out. The secret is in the thousands of tiny little air cells in the material which trap liquid, rather then absorbing it. So even when viscose seems soaked, simply ring it out and it’s ready to dry again and again. The amazing natural fabric is durable, versatile, machine washable and even gets softer the more you use it.

Pullover Jacket

Chammyz Pullover

Our original product was designed to be the ultimate after water sports, beach, outdoors and lifestyle pullover. Complete with hood, kangaroo pouch and drawstrings for both hood and waste. Relaxed cuts allow for free movement, regardless of your activity.

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Body Glove Jacket

Chammyz Surf Bomber

Our #1 selling garment—designed to meet the needs of a more functional market. The Surf Bomber combines the ingenuity of a zippered top with the warmth of the classic pullover. Double seamed in most sections for additional warmth, it has two full quarter panel pockets, as well as draw cords at both the neck and waist for size and comfort adjustments.

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