Jeff McKee

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Eco Trooper Jeff McKee

Eco trooper McKee, Maaaa-keeeee, ECO Freak McKee, The Naked Rider, these are just a few of the nicknames that the Body Glove family has branded upon Jeff McKee. He truly is one of BG's favorite pro riders, and not just because he wears our stuff.

Jeff McKee has been a pro wakeboarder for 4 years now and a has made a name for himself as a man with killer style behind a boat. Not one to hit a bunch of tour stops, Jeff thrives on riding for the pure joy of the sport. First one to jump in 50 degree water at the break of dawn kind of passion for the sport. Not only is he technically a solid rider he has such a fluid style to his runs that its hard to not watch him. He just makes wakeboarding look so easy.

Jeff recently joined the team at Alliance magazine and is taking an active role with Body Glove in the promotion of ECO products. If there was a boat that could run on vegetable grease and decomposable batteries he would be the first to buy it. So ladies, until Body Glove makes an ECO boardshort just know that he'd rather go nude than wear poly - blend fabrics..........

Jeff's Take on the Body Glove Tiki Shack

The Body Glove/Meistrell Tiki Shack is a place for freedom and purity. A place where you can dress the way you want, act the way you want, and feel the cool summer breeze as it wraps around every inch of your body...yes, even there.

We all piled into Greg Browning's RV early in the workweek (yes woorkweek, because it was a "business" trip) and made our way to the secret Tiki Shack location in Arizona. The desert hills were so soft and smooth and tan in color...mounds of joy if you will. We grazed our eyes upon these tan mounds of joy for 4 hours before arriving at the shack, and then the ladies gazed upon my tan mounds of joys for hours more. Big Thanks to Body Glove for hooking me up with my fully customized one of a kind naked disguise.

Fellow teammates on the trip included the world famous Rusty Malinoski, Daniel Doud, Shelby Kantar, and Tara Benzel Mikacich. We all spent hours on end riding and giving the camera's what they wanted...perfectly executed grabs, twists, inverted Arial manuevers and blue steels. That last sentence was really bad eh? Oh yeah, I picked up some Canadian twang thanks to hanging with Rusty. Apart from the most incredible wakeboarding by the best wake team in the industry, we also jumped off of some pretty cool cliffs (I could only do the small ones because I was naked), threw footballs at each other, and had some serious ping pong battles.

The Tiki Shack is always a blast, and always ends with the hottest beef jerky challenge on the ride home. If you think you can handle hot, try the jalape o carne seca jerky by jack links. Fire fire fire!!!!!!