Body Glove PFDs & Vests Warning


Before purchase or use, the user is instructed to carefully read and perform the safety skills outlined in the Think Safe pamphlet (also to be used as UL/ULC/CE/SAI Pamphlet) provided with this device. Some of the conditions that the user of this device may encounter may be inherently dangerous. The user of this device must be adequately trained and knowledgeable about the device’s intended uses before undertaking activities in which unpredictable and uncontrollable risks may be assumed. No safety device or protective equipment by itself can absolutely prevent injury or death in all circumstances.


This vest is not approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Department of Transport, or any other agency making official approvals of flotation devices. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE MADE CONCERNING ITS USE OR MERCHANTABILITY.

It is designed to allow free movement of tournament participants who find standard approved vests with adequate flotation too bulky.

This vest cannot be considered a safety vest or life preserver. It should be worn only by experienced tournament participants engaged in competitive events sanctioned by American Water Ski Association, Canadian Water Ski Association, World Water Ski Union, or similar organizations and only events where safety factors such as patrol boats and pickup boats are actively involved and the tournament participants are under constant observation.

This vest should not be worn by anyone who cannot swim. The buoyancy factor and its distribution in the vest are not sufficient to float a conscious or unconscious person in a “face out of the water position.”

Before each use, the wearer should have this vest examined and approved by the tournament officials responsible for equipment inspection. However, even in such sanctioned tournaments, injury or drowning could occur while wearing this vest. This vest must not be worn by tournament participants or others under any other circumstances or conditions than those described above.

For the purposes of compliance with applicable California statutes, manufacturer certifies that this vest is a waterski and wakeboard garment.

Body Glove PFDs & Vests: Care and Warranty Information


Never leave a wet vest on chairs, sitting benches, deck tops or in a boat. Always place it in a standing, upright position. After every use, hand-wash/rinse it in fresh water, and hang to air dry (no wire hangers). NEVER use a washing machine, dryer or dry clean. Avoid exposure to harsh detergents or chemicals. Chlorine and sunlight will cause fading and or discoloration of the silk screen graphics, never leave it in direct sunlight. Avoid contact with sharp objects and abrasive surfaces. Store in a cool, dry place.


We offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on construction/workmanship for all USCG-Approved PFDs.


We offer a 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on materials for all USCG-Approved PFDs from date of original purchase from an authorized Body Glove dealer.


  • Alterations.
  • Materials over 1-YEAR from date of original purchase, or 90 days for accessories.
  • Repairs or alterations done by any party other than Body Glove Wetsuits representative or authorized repair facility.
  • Fading from sunlight.
  • Staining on objects, surface tops due to improper care/handling of the PFD after use (See CARE AND MAINTENANCE Clause).
  • Products classified as seconds.
  • Damages due to misuse or abuse.
  • Damages from transportation, incidental, or consequential use.
  • Fabricdelamination caused by improper care and maintenance.
  • Use of direct sunlight and/or clothes dryer for drying purposes.
  • Improper fit caused by incorrect PFD size.
  • Warranty request without ORIGINAL RECEIPT.