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Partnering with Water Inc., Body Glove is launching the world's first environmentally friendly home water filtration system. Body Glove is urging consumers to use filtered instead of bottled water. Plastic bottles occupy land fills and kill marine animals and birds. Providing the world with a safe and effective option for filtering drinking water provides many benefits for us all. Using a filtration system helps keep thousands of plastic bottles out of landfills and save the environmental and financial cost of bottled water transport for distribution. Not to mention they save you time and money.
The Body Glove Water Filtration Systems have been developed with the environment in mind. Every Body Glove Filter qualifies for the Water, Inc Filter Recycling Program. This unique program is the first of its kind and ensures that plastic filters are recycled responsibly. The Body Glove Water Filtration Systems afford innovative environmental considerations including: recyclable filter cartridges, eco-friendly corn-based labeling, and a micro-filter technology, which reduces raw materials and resources needed to filter water. All of this translates into a green and responsible alternative to plastic water bottles, which continue to overload landfills and oceans. Enjoy the convenience of filtered water on demand knowing that you are contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. Learn More about Body Glove Water Filters

The Filters

filtersThe Body Glove System incorporates an exciting filtering design that integrates Quad-Stage Filtration with Micro-Filter Technology. By combining four filtering processes with a patented 0.2 micron pharmaceutical grade membrane, this unique process dramatically reduces pressure drop and increases flow rates. And, the good news: the Body Glove technology has been built into a recyclable filter housing. Learn More about Body Glove Water Filters

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Environmentally Preferred

Body Glove's Water Filter Systems are designed with the environment in mind by:

  • 1) Reducing the number of plastic water bottles discarded into landfills
  • 2) Using recyclable materials in packaging
  • 3) Providing an easy method to recycle the filtration cartridges.
THINKING AHEAD: Body Glove’s water filter labeling is corn-based, a renewable resource.

RESPONSIBLE LIVING: Body Glove is a leader in the recycling revolution: from reusable shopping bags in the 1980’s to innovative wetsuits that are made from 100% renewable resources. Purchasing a Body Glove filter allows components from the filter to be recycled, further reducing landfill waste while saving resources. The Body Glove filter recycling and exchange program is the first of its kind.

Please Recycle and Reuse Call toll free: 1-888-62-REUSE for filter recycling instructions.

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    Holly Beck

    Holly enjoying and underwater view with no plastic

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    Alex Gray

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