Dusty Payne

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Dusty Payne Rips

Dusty Payne is rapidly becoming one of the most photographed and videoed surfers in the world. There really is only one reason for his explosion on the surf scene- He flat out rips!!!! Honestly the guy surfs ridiculously good in all kinds of waves. He also happens to love to travel and has been on trips to Mexico, Indo, Tahiti and just about anywhere else on earth for surf. He is a free surfing wizard who pulls in at Backdoor and launches huge airs. Dusty lives in Maui and is part of a ripping crew of young guns who put on regular air and barrel shows at world famous Honolua Bay. He is also a staple on the North Shore living at the Volcom beach house and has a impressive contest record to back up his free surfing. Keep an eye out for young Dusty as he makes his way through the WQS and on to the WCT in years to come.

Dusty Gets Loose in Bali

Bali is the place to be for just about the entire summer months. Last summer, Dusty spent a few weeks in Bali surfing and getting photos and video footage galore. Body Glove's Greg Browning was chilling on an unnamed beach with dark sand and right hand barrels (that Bali locals know itvery well) when Dusty rolled up and proceeded to get shacked and launch air reverses all day long. Greg claimed that Dusty pulled more airs in one session that he did in his entire pro surfing career. Check out the video and photos and keep and eye out for more Dusty info to come.