The Drop Zone

Body Glove, in partnership with PADI and Sport Diver Magazine, are thrilled to announce the release of the movie, THE DROP ZONE: Tahiti. It is one of the greatest surfing and diving adventures of a lifetime.

Experience Tahiti like never before, from diving to surfing and back again. Follow professional surfers and divers Holly Beck, Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson on a unique journey both above and below the surface. Throughout DROP ZONE you will see the crew explore vibrant coral reefs, dive with sharks, surf the sporadic but awesome waves of Teahupoo and get to know the locals. An entirely new world is opened up to these three young surfers and watch as it changes their perspective on the sport of SCUBA diving.

Alex Gray probably says it the best, “Now when there are waves I surf and when there aren’t I dive.”

Together with PADI and Sport Diver Magazine, Body Glove wants to infuse its excitement for diving to more people, especially the younger generations. With the help of Body Glove’s pro surfers and wakeboarders we want to spread the word that there is a whole world under the ocean that deserves as much attention as the waves above.

The world of diving holds a special place in the heart of Body Glove. Body Glove co-founders, and twin brothers, Bob and Bill Meistrell were avid divers. They were two of the very first people to become certified divers in Los Angeles County and to this day the Meistrell family own the southern California retail shop Dive N Surf. For Bob’s 80th birthday in July 2008 he did a 117 ft. wreck dive off the coast of Redondo Beach with retro dive gear.

The world premiere of The Drop Zone is Wednesday October 22nd at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas during the annual Dive Trade Show (DEMA). Check back at for more clips and check your local movie listings and TV listings for when the Drop Zone hits.

  • Holly Beck

    Holly Beck

    Holly diving beneath Teahupoo

  • Alex Gray

    Alex Gray

    Alex and a friendly turtle

  • Holly Beck

    Holly Beck

    Holly and some Angel Fish

  • The Drop Zone crew

    Holly, Alex and Cheyne

    The crew was stoked on the Drop Zone

  • Cheyne Magnusson

    Cheyne Magnusson

    Cheyne pulling into another Tahiti Barrel