Cheyne Magnusson

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Cheyne is a Classic

Cheyne is not your typical pro surfer from Maui. He looks a little different and also lives a little different. He may rip like the rest of the upcoming crew that dominate Honolua Bay but he is also tears it up on any skate ramp, had a big role in the Lords of Dogtown movie, free dives like a fish, enjoys a good party and was a high profile member of a MTV reality show. In this little episode Cheyne rips on a recent trip to Bali in the video and also rips in the new Magnum fullsuit in SoCal. We also give you a little taste of what Cheyne thinks of himself.

Cheyne's Own Words

I like mexican food. I am currently trying to bulk down cause i weigh 182 pounds of solid muscle but that is not great for doing airs on my surfboard. I really like to spearfish. I don't really like guys who surf for the image of it and to tell chicks that they surf. That is dumb. I'm going to bali in june for a month and i couldn't be more siked. I plan on trying to stick a huge variel while i'm out there. Oh yeah and i'm half swedish which makes me a viking so don't piss me off or i'll pillage the town you live in.