Who is JOB 2.0

Who is JOB

Stay up to date with the life of Jamie O’Brien by watching his very own YouTube series, Who is JOB 2.0. In this 18 episode series, Red Bull will travel with Jamie O’Brien filming him in his natural environment from surfing Pipeline to partying at Coachella. New episodes are released every other Friday on YouTube!

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Jamie O’Brien

There is a saying that “the person having the most fun in the water is the best surfer on any given day.” By this rationale we would like to put up Jamie O’Brien for the argument of the best surfer in the world. The facts are that he lives in front of one the best waves on the planet and is a standout at every session and contest. He travels the world, surfing amazing waves while making movies like his latest “Who is JOB”.

He only puts on a contest jersey at places like Pipeline or Teahupoo and often times takes the title home. He spends his down time editing his movies, fishing, diving with sharks and enjoying the fruits of his surfing talents. So you make the call – is Jamie O the best surfer on the planet?