Drop Zone

The Drop Zone

Body Glove, in partnership with PADI and Sport Diver Magazine, is thrilled to announce the release of the movie, THE DROP ZONE: Tahiti, and the sequel THE DROP ZONE: Fiji. These two movies comprise one of the greatest surfing and diving adventures of a lifetime, featuring the likes of Holly Beck, Cheyne Magnusson, and Alex Gray. Previously broadcasted on Fuel TV and shown in theaters across the country, these amazing water sports movies can now be purchased on DVD or downloaded from the iTunes store.

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Drop Zone

Experience Tahiti and Fiji like never before, from diving to surfing and back again. Follow professional surfers and divers Holly Beck, Alex Gray,Cheyne Magnusson and friends on a unique journey both above and below the surface. Throughout DROP ZONE you will see the crew explore vibrant coral reefs, dive with sharks, surf the sporadic but awesome waves of Teahupoo in Tahati and Frigates Pass in Fiji and and get to know the locals.

An entirely new world is opened up to these three young surfers and watch as it changes their perspective on the sport of SCUBA diving.