8-Bit Imaginarium

The Story of 8-Bit

Team: Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, Justin Quirk Directed by: Greg Browning and Cheyne Magnusson Photographed by: John Ho, Eric Warner, John De Temple

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The Story of 8-Bit

For our Transworld Surf Imaginarium photo and video sumbission, we skipped the meetings with marketing guys, photographers, and company bigwigs, and went directly to our surfers and asked them for ideas. In walked Cheyne Magnusson with his first-ever PowerPoint explaining his idea for “8 Bit.” The Body Glove team and our other surfers were hooked like an eight-year-old playing Mario Brothers all night in 1985.

We loaded the trucks and headed to Cabo San Lucas to show the Body Glove World in 8-Bit. After the people voted and Transworld reviewed the submission from the other brands, we took home the honors and will be back to defend our title in 2012. Thank you Transworld for helping us push our creative minds and thanks to the surfers, artists, photographers, filmers and editors who made it happen.