April 16, 2013

Young Cancer Survivor Rides With Bob Soven

15-year-old Jake Bowman Meets His Idol At OWC.


Jake Bowman was a normal 15-year-old from Ohio who grew up with baseball, football and wakeboarding. In 2011, he started suffering from headaches and was diagnosed with a brain tumor called meduloblastoma, which is categorized as cancerous. He had to undergo surgery, a series of radiation and chemotherapy, which caused him to lose his hair, energy, appetite and 70 pounds. But it didn’t take away his love for being on the water.

The condition affected his everyday life, to the point that daily tasks were difficult. His whole family gave their full support during his battle and did whatever it took for him to continue to live life like a normal kid.


As Jake started showing signs of improvement, his parents sent an e-mail to the Orlando Water Sports Complex to ask permission to allow Jake to wakeboard at the cable park. Jeff Trudeau granted their wish and invited Jake and his family out on April 2, 2013.


Before they got into the water, Bob got to know Jake and, with his humor, created a great atmosphere for the whole family. Jake is still getting his strength back and after a few tries and helpful tips, he had a couple solid rides on the System 2.0 cableway.


With Bob’s schedule so packed (he only has 4 days off this summer), it’s obvious that giving back is a top priority and Jake was psyched to meet his idol and get to ride again. “Jake is a super cool kid,” Bob said. “It was an honor to help him get back on the water and watch him shred.”


If you’d like to meet Bob this summer, he will be at the remaining Liquid Force “Free For All” events, which is a great way to ride for free and hang out with pro riders. Check out more at: