June 10, 2013

Word Association With Melissa Marquardt


AGE: 29
Birthday: November 16
Hometown: Canyon Lake, CA
Stance: Regular
Wake Video: Sfumato
Cable Park: Langenfeld
App: Maps
Rope: 77 feet
Beverage: Vino
Hobby: Painting
Wake: G23
Legend: Randall Harris
Magazine: Snowboarding
Movie: The Campaign
Winch: Pulldozer
Band: Mumford and Sons
Pet Peeve: Dirty Feet
Cartoon: Yogi the Bear
Dessert: Ice Cream
Artist: Kim Kirch
Hottie: Kelly Slater
Flip: Amber Wing’s Double Flip
Pro Team: L.A. Lakers
Snack: Seaweed Salad
Candy: Chocolate
Food: Veggies
Vehicle: Audi
Change 1 thing: I would make wakeboarding more accessible to everyone by making the boats more affordable…and then I’d build cable parks and System 2.0s everywhere.

Melissa Marquardt is all over issue 105 of the WAKE JOURNAL which is themed as the Go Pro Issue. Check out all her awesome photos throughout the online version HERE.