August 7, 2014

Win A Ride Stop #2 With Bob Soven At BSR

23-year-old Ryan Allen was the lucky winner for stop number two of Body Glove’s “Win A Ride” tour at BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas with Bob Soven on July 22, 2014.


“It was so fun and awesome to ride with a pro of Bob’s caliber,” Ryan said. “We got to ride doubles and it was so cool to play around. He helped me ollie onto the rails better and I got to barrel him a couple times. Bob’s style is really smooth and confident. I get to see pros out here all the time, but the opportunity to get to hang out with Bob was so amazing. And to have the whole park to ourselves was the coolest.”

You have four more chances to “Win A Ride” this season. CLICK HERE for more info.

Special thanks to Derry Malloy and the entire staff of BSR Cable Park for maintaining an incredible park. We felt like we were at the Disney World of cable parks. With cabins on site and great facilities, we would recommend for you to make a trip out to experience this world-class park.


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