August 16, 2013

WIN A RIDE #3 With Rusty Malinoski At Texas Ski Ranch

San Antonio resident John Carpenter bought a Rusty Malinoski / Rockstar signature PFD in mid-June and said it was one of the best purchases of his life. Unbeknownst to this 44-year old wakeboarder, John’s purchase at Texas Ski Ranch entered him into Body Glove’s Win A Ride contest for a chance to spend a day riding with Rusty Malinoski.

When John’s cell phone rang with news that he won, you can imagine he was surprised to say the least. “I had no idea about the contest, I just really liked the vest,” John said. “So when Catie from TSR called me, I was really surprised. And when they said I could bring my son Josh and his friend along, we were really looking forward to this day.”

On Sunday, August 11, the crew met up at TSR bright and early. The kids were all smiles and Rusty brought some T-shirts and posters to sign for them. The local riders were also buzzing over Rusty’s first visit to TSR and word traveled fast around the New Braunfels area.

Rusty took off the dock first on the boat lake and totally ripped it, landing a nose grab crow 540 (front roll with a 540) and two different 900’s. In between hammers off the double up, Rusty was floating huge rolls to blind and big backside 180’s way into the flats. The kids were more than impressed. “Watching Rusty ride from the boat was sick,” 11-year old Josh Carpenter said. It was Josh’s first time riding behind the boat as well. “Everything he did was so cool. And getting to go with Rusty to the Spring Loaded trampoline building was awesome. Overall, this was way more than I expected, definitely the best day of the summer.”

“Today was wicked,” 12-year old Josh Hawkins added. “And it was awesome to have a pro rider teach me to wakeboard for the first time.” After the boat session, Rusty and the crew had lunch on site at Wahoo’s and then headed over to the Spring Loaded trampoline house, followed by a shred on the cable.

At the end of the day, John was super stoked on his Win A Ride. “Rusty was a class act,” John said. “I was impressed with the way he handles himself and he was genuinely interested in what the kids were doing. He was real helpful and just a down-to-earth person. I wasn’t expecting that. And getting to watch him ride was awesome. I’ve never seen anything like that in person. In a world where professional athletes can be prima donna’s, it was refreshing to meet a guy like Rusty and get to spend the day riding with him.”

Video: Greg Browning; Story & Photos: Kevco



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