January 29, 2013

Welcome to the Team Dave Wassel

Dave Wassel encompasses everything that it means to be a waterman. He is a North Shore lifeguard, a long time big wave surfer, and a free diving addict. We are proud to announce that Wassel will be riding for Body Glove wetsuits for both surf and dive categories.

For over a decade, Dave Wassel has been in an elite group of big wave surfers. The last three years, Dave has been invited to the In Memory of Eddie Aikau. Last year, Dave Wassel made the cover of both Surfer Magazine and Surfing Magazine for riding a giant swell at Tavarua. Also last year Dave won the Monster Paddle Award in the XXL Big Wave Awards for a 53 foot wave at Jaws.

More recently Wassel was invited to the Mavericks Invitational and will be competing in the Volcom Pipe Pro. Wassel has a Wave of the Winter entry for a ride at Backdoor that can be viewed on Also keep your eye out for the new TransWorld Surf video, featuring several athletes, one of them of course being Dave Wassel.

Body Glove team rider Alex Gray said, “Dave Wassel fits Body Glove like a glove. From big wave surfing, diving, and hunting, Wassel’s footprints are always the most recognizable. Not to mention he is one of the funniest humans on the planet. Body Glove couldn’t have added a better waterman to excel an already stellar team. Can’t wait to get crazy with the man from Kailua shorebreak.”

Q & A with Dave Wassel

BG: What is your most memorable big wave moment?
DW: Most memorable sesh was with Healey outer reef. It was 40-50 feet spitting left tubes. No cameras, just us out there.

BG: What is your most memorable free diving moment?
DW: I qualified for the Inter Pacific spear fishing competition in 2009. I had to beat out all the teams from the US Mainland and Hawaii for that.

BG: Who are your surf mentors?
DW: My mentors are the North Shore pioneers Roger Erickson, Jose Angel, and Butch Van Artsdalen.

BG: How long have you been a North Shore lifeguard?
DW: Been a North Shore lifeguard for 8 years.

BG: Who are your other sponsors?
DW: My other sponsors are Volcom, WRC, Electric Visual, Creatures of Leisure, Leileis Bar and Grill, Matthews Bowns, and Western Lanai Adventures.

BG: What does it mean to be a part of the Body Glove team?
DW: Being a part of the Body Glove team is a perfect fit. Like a hand and a glove, like peanut butter and jelly.