December 19, 2012

Surf Team Invades the North Shore 2012

Every year the final 3 events take place on the North Shore of Hawaii and every surf company sends their crew to capture all the action. Body Glove is in full force with team riders Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Anthony Walsh, Matt Pagan, Nate Yeomans, Alex Gray, Kaikea Elias, and Ezekiel Lau. Even professional wakeboarder Rusty Malinsoki and son Marek make an appearance. Here are a few of our favorite pics!

Next up for Body Glove on the North Shore is the Backdoor Shootout where companies make teams of four riders. Body Glove will bring back the same four guys as last year with Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, and Anthony Walsh. These guys had a great run last year placing third in team competition. Jamie O’Brien was also able to get himself into the final of the individual competition and ultimately finished 2nd. Lets see what Team Body Glove can do this year!

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