August 19, 2013
World Champion Wakeboarding

Rusty Malinoski: 2013 WORLD CHAMPION!

It’s a different era for the sport of wakeboarding. The younger generation is getting better and there is an obvious shift happening toward the youth movement. After a solid, but frustrating season in 2012, 29-year-old Rusty Malinoski changed up his whole game for 2013. “I rode well last year, but didn’t come up with a win at a major event the entire season. That didn’t sit well with me.” Rusty said. “So before the 2013 season started, I changed up my whole game. Six months ago, I stopped drinking completely, not a drop. My good friend Kyle Rattray and I opened up a Cross Fit gym and I really got into it – it’s perfect for wakeboarding.”

Rusty also changed up his diet. Those who know him, know that Rusty used to eat anything and everything – and lots of it. But, this year he wanted to be a little lighter, for softer landings and more of a strength-to-weight ratio. “I saw a nutritionist and got started eating stuff similar to the Paleo diet — just clean, non-processed foods with high protein. It wasn’t easy, but I got used to it and saw a difference in my riding right away.”

After winning The Masters in May, Rusty knew his new regimen was on-point for what he wanted to accomplish. He started looking like a super human, just totally shredded and freakishly strong – probably the most intimidating rider to ever stand next to on a starting dock. With a disappointing second place finish at Nationals, Rusty was more determined than ever for his run at the World title.

Rusty first took off the dock for the quarterfinals on Saturday and won his heat. Sunday morning brought the semifinals, which he also won. With a new format this year, riders get two runs and keep their best score. But when you fall once, your run is done. After all the finals riders completed their first run, the judges announced Rusty in first, just edging out Phil Soven. He landed a near-flawless run with a toeside 900, switch, wrapped heelside 720 and two huge moves: an indy backside 180 and big back roll to blind – way out into the flats with a Rusty stamp on the landing. The judges later commented that Rusty’s amplitude and big air riding are what gave him the edge – exactly the component that his training regimen has allowed him to do this year. Rusty and Phil’s second runs weren’t as good as their first, and the other riders were not able to top their runs either, so as the finals ended, Rusty knew he was the champ.

“It’s been a crazy year,” Rusty said. “Just working harder than ever and welcoming our new son Kruz to the world. I really don’t know how I’ve been able to pull everything off, but this new lifestyle has allowed me to wake up focused and driven more than ever – every day, all day. Considering everything I’ve been through in the last two years, it was an unreal moment to be standing on the podium as the World Champ.”

Perhaps it was his motto all along that made the difference: “Work Will Win When Wishing Won’t.” Congratulations to Rusty for an incredible season and for being an inspiration to us all at Body Glove.

Story & Photos: Kevco

“Rusty works so hard and is true to his belief that if you work hard enough at something, you can be the best in the world. I’m super pumped to see Rusty win and am really stoked for him.” -James Balzer

“Rusty has been riding better than I have ever seen before. I’m really stoked on his win at Worlds. It’s awesome to see all of his hard work paying off.” – Josh Twelker

“Rusty crushed it at this event – and really all season. He’s such a strong rider and everyone always stops what they’re doing to watch him ride. I was really pumped to see him edge out the other riders. He is a big inspiration to me and my riding.” – Noah Flegel