March 31, 2014

Rusty & Balzer: 2014 Goals

Known as one of the wildest duo’s on the wake scene, Rusty Malinoski and James Balzer are two crazy Canadians who have found great success in different avenues – Rusty as a wakeboarder and Balzer as a wakeskater. On a recent morning in Clermont, Florida the lake was too blown out for riding, so the pair sat down and jotted some goals on paper for 2014.




1.)  Be the best family man that I can be.

2.)  Stay fit and healthy.

3.)  Be consistent and keep my confidence high.

4.)  Keep having fun with Kyle Rattray at Clermont Crossfit.

5.)  Take time to appreciate all the amazing traveling I get to do.

6.)  Stay positive and have another awesome year.




1.)  Enjoy the family cause time moves fast.

2.)  Focus on cable park riding (VWP).

3.)  Win again (it feels pretty good).

4.)  Stay warm.

5.)  Find wakeskating’s future in Canada.

6.)  Learn to change a diaper blindfolded.


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All photos: Kevco


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