November 6, 2012

October Sessions with Garrett McNamara in Nazare, Portugal

Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson join Garrett McNamara in Portugal at Praia do Norte Nazare where Garrett surfed a record breaking 78 foot wave last November. This time around Garrett got to try out his new, exclusively built Body Glove Big Wave Flotation Suit.

“Working with such a great team at Body Glove I had no doubt that we would be successful on our first go at making a suit developed strictly for survival in huge gigantic waves. After testing it in some big waves and then taking Martin Stepanek’s Waterman Survival course the other day I realized that we built the perfect suit. The Body Glove crew hit a home run!! Now we just have to wait for the huge waves.”

Garrett has been in Portugal for the last month hunting a 100 foot wave to beat his current Guinness World Record for largest wave ever ridden.