April 17, 2013

The US SUP Tour by Mo Freitas

This contest is the very first US Stand Up Paddle Tour. Its called the USSUP Tour and the first stop is here in Huntington. My dad and I arrived in Cali on Friday morning. When we landed we headed over to Body Glove to see whats up and get some wetsuits and goodies from team manager Matt “Chewy” Chernega. After that my dad and I went down to get some waves and Body Gloves team rider Matt Pagan was getting ready to go for a surf too, so I had a good session to conclude the day.

Getting ready for the SUP race, I wanted to carbo load so I had a big plate of pasta. I went to bed early because the contest started first thing the next morning. My dad and I woke up at 5 and got ready to make our way down to the beach. When we got there, the waves were small but they were firing. I went out and had a little free surf session. I was the 8th heat so I  had plenty of time. I got my feet in the wax and was ready for my heat. They called me up to get my jersey. I stretched and made my way to the water. I finished the heat in first with an 8 and a 9. I was already in the quarter finals. Within a hour they called me up for the next heat. I got ready and made my way down to the water. I finished that heat again in first with two 9s.

We drove to Huntington and the waves had gone down and were on shore but there were still little waves. I went down to the beach and was the third heat, so I put my wetsuit on and was on my way to the water. This heat was really crazy I barley got second, but I passed. It was time for the semi finals. I waxed up and headed to the water for another heat, I won my semis and was on my way to the finals.

They were going to have the elite race before all the finals, so i changed and got ready for the race. I used my PR1ME top instead of my full suit, then lined up for the start. It was a pretty crazy start with waves and wind and it was a beach start so that made it worse.  I got the whole shot and was in the front the whole race. Then on the third lap a set came and I tried to catch it but it ended up being too big and steep and I fell, I lost my board and my beanie, luckily my board didn’t get to far so I had some time to swim to it and stay in the race.

Unfortunately I lost the lead to Matt Becker, who ended up winning the race. I was disappointed, but it was good because it lit a fire in me, and I wanted to win the surfing part. Right away I changed into my full suit and got ready for the finals. They called me up and I went to grab my jersey. I went out and I surfed my heart out but ended up being super tired and did not catch that many good waves. I ended up in second for the surfing part of the contest. I got 2nd in the race, 2nd in the surfing and 1st overall for the mens division. It was one of the most fun contests I have gone to and its a privilege to be surfing on the USSUP Tour.

–Mo Freitas


What a Wonderful sea tu surf. Will be there next year. Thanks