December 5, 2013

Jamie O’Brien Premiers “Live From the Moon” on the Beach at Pipe

This Friday, December 6, professional surfer and North Shore native Jamie O’Brien will host an outdoor movie night on the beach fronting his home-break, the infamous Banzai Pipeline.  Screenings are to begin at sunset and will feature:

  •  The complete webisode series of Red Bull Decades, A journey through the past, present, and future of surfboards with Ian Walsh, Jamie O’Brien, Kolohe Andino, and Julian Wilson. Narrated by Chris Coté. Filmed in French Polynesia.
  • The Hawaii premiere of Body Glove’s latest film Live From The Moon, featuring Jamie O’Brien, Ezekiel Lau, Alex Gray, and more.
  • A live stream of the 2013 Surfer Poll Red Carpet and Surfer Poll Awards ceremony from Turtle Bay Resort.

Live From the Moon