March 22, 2013

In the Stix with Matt Pagan

Puerto Rico… Named after an old wooden ship.

Seriously, PR is a place like no other. Once you get there, there’s a certain “aloha” spirit that you feel mixed with some Latin flavor, spice and everything nice. The culture is really unique and surfing is a huge part of it. During the event, people flocked from all over the island to watch-it’s a good sized island. The amount of people and passion made it feel similar to the US Open here in CA. And the people are so welcoming, it was awesome!

PR has that “in the stix” sort of feel especially when you venture out to find waves. There’s plenty of hidden waves we didn’t get to surf but just getting around to the better known spots in our “Alantra” with boards stacked on the roof was easier than we anticipated… Pot holes, mud, water trenches, iguanas, you name it and we did our best to make full use of that rental car insurance!

No iguanas were hurt don’t worry, that I know of…
The weather was really something special. It was beautiful, that paradise feeling that is so warm, with the water at just the right temperature to refresh you. I think Little Red said it best, “not too hot and not too cold, but just right!”

Matt and Mike Pagan

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