April 21, 2014
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Harley Clifford: Best Offseason Moments

2013 was another banner season for Harley Clifford. Check out some of his highlights upon returning home to Australia.

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Australian Riders Choice Awards

On January 18, Harley won three awards at the Australian Riders Choice Awards including Boat Rider Of The Year, Legend Award and Best Trick for his indy double back roll.


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New Home Purchase

“Buying my new house in Australia was a big moment for me, because it was my first really nice home that I bought and it’s on the water. To be able to do that at 20 years old is pretty cool.”



Winning Moomba Masters and World Cup In Indonesia

Just like a repeat of 2013, Harley won the first two pro events of 2014 and got back on top of the podium.


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Christmas With The Family

“We hadn’t had the whole family together in ages, so we all got together at my parents place on the water and took the boats out, went to the beach and kicked it. It’s funny now, because a lot of us are grown up, so we all had drinks and things got pretty hilarious.”


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Liquid Force Trip

“It was so fun having Bob Soven, Raph Derome and Daniel Grant in Australia this year. We got heckled by the weather for the first two weeks, so we did a bunch of fun stuff like surfing, rode the cable and just kicked it with the boys. Then, we went down to Bonnie Doon for a demo on February 1. This place is 2.5 hours from anything, out in the middle of nowhere. And 2,500 people rocked up to watch us ride. I had no idea where they all came from, but that was pretty cool.”


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PRIME Movie Shooting

“The PRIME trip was sick! We went down to Mulwala and shot with Sean Kilgus in this crazy spot with all these dead trees sticking up out of the water. We did the first-ever helicopter shoot there and the shots are just unreal. It was just good vibes and we got some solid riding done for the movie. I still have a couple things I want to do for the movie now that I’m back in the States. I heard it’s coming out in September at SURF EXPO, so hopefully I can land a bunch of new tricks before we’re done filming!”


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Dubai With The Body Glove Team

“Just when I came back to the States for the summer, I didn’t even get over my jet lag and it was off to Dubai with our crew. Things have gotten built up so much over there and we got to do some cool things like going up in the world’s tallest building, we went out and cruised the sand dunes, we ate traditional Arabic dinners, rode camels and went snowboarding indoors inside a mall. Then, wakeboarding was awesome too. We rode in Dubai bay with all the palms and big buildings behind us. Xtreme Wake UAE has their own marina on this man made river that runs for about five miles. They had a couple boats for us and hooked it up for us the whole time.”

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2014 Summer Outlook

“Going into the contest season is always the same. This is my fifth year riding pro and all I want to do is come in and win all the events. So you just practice and get consistent. But apart from that, I’m doing some new stuff this year like the Liquid Force Free For All events and I have tons of photo shoots set up. This year, I’ve been a little more on it as far as my schedule. I’m more organized and ‘business savvy’ I guess (laughter). There are only two or three weekends this whole year that are open right now. I’ve never been this busy, so let’s see if I can handle it!”

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