December 31, 2012

Whats Up 2013!?

Happy New Year! To bring in 2013, we’d like to share with you a few New Year resolutions from the Body Glove family…

Bob Soven: My 2013 new year’s resolution is to become more flexible. I recently turned 21, which officially put me over the hump, staying youthful and beautiful doesn’t seem to come as easy anymore. Therefore, yoga and stretching will be key to keeping my teenage spirit alive.

Dayton Silva: My New Years resolution is to surf more and do well in school!!

Nate Yeomans: My New Years resolution is to bring in the new year in a pair of sweatpants.  I’ve never done that and it’s always nice to be comfortable

Matt Pagan: My New Years resolution is to win an ASP WQS event, make a bunch of webisodes for, and to learn a death grip move from Robbie Meistrell.

Cheyne Magnusson: My new years resolution is to shoot a white seabass this year.

Chandler Parr: My new years resolutions are to get my new webpage up and running and stay more consistent with my posts. To master using my new GoPro Hero 3 that I got for christmas, also go swim with whale sharks in Mexico. Last, but not least, finally make it over to Indo.

Jeff McKee: I’m getting my new Nautique G23 in January so I’m planning to ride my ass off behind the boat. My wife and I are also expecting twins in June so I better figure out how to be a great dad this year too.  Go big or go home! Haha.

James Balzer: I have a couple New Year resolutions. I want to ride a board every day ( i got so close in 2012 like 320 days, I hate rain. Spend more time on Instagram, make sure not to get my wife pregnant, and float everyday (i take a lot of baths) its totally possible.

Melissa Marquardt: My New Years resolution is to go to new places around the world filming, progressing, and promote wakeboarding.